Information in English

Here you can find information about Bovia in English.

Bovia is a non profit management company, and the main task is to:

 Rent, administer, maintain and renovate apartments in cooperation with housing organizations and the tenants’ democracy.

 Provide professional advice as to energy and buildings

Bovia administers and rents about 5,500 apartments in Kolding, Billund and Lunderskov.


Contact Bovia

If you are interested in renting an apartment or if you have other questions please contact us at phone No. +45 75 52 53 44 or mail


Opening hours

+45 7552 5344
Engstien 2 A, Kolding

Monday 09.00-14.00   Monday 10.00-14.00
Tuesday 09.00-14.00   Tuesday 10.00-14.00
Wednesday 09.00-14.00   Wednesday 10.00-14.00
Thursday 09.00-17.00   Thursday 12.00-17.00
Friday 09.00-14.00   Friday 10.00-14.00


For further information

 See the general guidelines from BL (the National Federation of Housing Associations)




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